A little about me …

I grew up in Langley, which was at the time, a relatively small and quiet suburb of Vancouver. Not only did we live in a small township, but we lived outside of that in amongst the farmland. When I was young, we didn’t travel much as a family. We made the somewhat necessary trip to Disney World when I was young, but aside from that, my parents weren’t exactly globetrotting.

I had my first real experience travelling on a Europe trip in the eleventh grade. After that, I was hooked after that. I think even after that first trip away from home my parents knew that I wouldn’t last long in Canada.

I left home at the age of 17 to attend university in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia. It was only 4 hours from home, but I loved being on my own. During university I had the chance to travel again, this time to Tanzania, for a field school. I graduated in 2014, at the age of 21, with a major in Anthropology. Although I haven’t been working in my field to this point, I have been travelling, and meeting people from all over the world. Of course, anthropology is in it’s purest form, the study of culture, and what better way to learn and understand a culture than live with and experience it first hand? So while I have yet to use that degree officially, it has certainly not been far from my mind in recent times.

After university, I moved back to Tanzania for a while, had the time of my life and returned only briefly to Canada when I ran out of money. After that, I moved to Dubai, and then to Istanbul, where I am writing this from. Throughout these big moves, I have travelled surrounding areas. For now, Istanbul is the closest thing I’ve got to home. Soon though, I’ll be moving on again, this time to Budapest.  I don’t intend to stay anywhere for too long, and will hopefully keep learning and loving new places for a very long time. Maybe oneday I’ll find a forever home, but until then, I’ll write about the places I’ve seen along the way.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask me anything about anywere I’ve been!